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Medical weight Loss

We Help Our Patients Make Lasting Changes

At Colorado Weight Care we recognize that weight loss is a very personal journey and create a customized plan for each patient.

Underlying Issues

We identify underlying medical issues that impact weight management.

Medical Management

Prescription medications can be an excellent aid to weight loss for many patients.

Nutritional Planning

Diet is key to successful weight loss, we help our patients implement a long term nutrition program.

Exercise Recommendations

Tailored exercise programs for each patient's needs and abilties.

Changing Behaviors

We focus on long term success by enabling our patients to make lasting changes.

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Make Lasting Changes

Nutrition and Diet

We offer a variety of eating plans in our clinic.  We will help you chose the best option based on your health needs, food preferences, and previous experiences.

Most plans work - its sticking with them that is the challenge, so we encourage you to pick something that will work long-term.  We coach the following plans:

  • Keto/ low-carb
  • Meal Replacement Programs
  • Balanced Healthy Eating Plan
  • Binge Eating Healthy Eating Plan
  • Plant-Based Health Eating Plan
  • Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery Eating Plans

We are also happy to support you through other eating plans like Paleo or Weight Watchers.

There is no best diet - most diets can work, we will help you choose the best for your body and your life and teach and coach you how to do it! Whatever you choose that works, you will have to stick with long term, so it is important to approach nutrition as a long-term solution.

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exercise plan at Colorado Weight Care in Lakewood
Helping You Achieve Your Weight Goals

Our Program

In addition to helping you with a nutrition plan, our approach to weight loss includes evaluating and helping with the following:

Underlying Conditions

Your first appointment will include a comprehensive look into why you struggle more with weight than other people.  For most patients we review blood work as part of this process. We help you understand why weight loss is so hard. We never judge.

Some patients chose use because they want to lose weight to improve their health. Others chose us to be their primary care clinic because they know they will be treated with respect regardless of shape or size.


Exercise is important to general health and keeping weight off.  We will help you pick the best plan for your body and lifestyle.  Many people think they can’t lose weight without exercise, but even if health issues keep you from being able to move, we can help you lose weight.

Dr. Francavilla offers exercise counseling appointments.  These sessions are designed to be once weekly for 6 weeks and are 45 minutes long. Theses visits are done remotely, by telehealth so you can workout in the comfort of your own home.  In these appointments you will actually workout with Dr. Francavilla’s coaching.  We will assess your ability to perform functional movements, increase strength, get comfortable with increasing your heart rate with HIIT, experiment with different types of exercise, and transition to a long term exercise plan.

Best of all, these visits are almost always entirely covered by insurance with no co-pay or deductible!

Medical Management

We help you get off medications you don’t need, change or stop medications that cause weight gain, and prescribe weight loss medications as needed.  We prescribe phentermine, diethylpropion, Saxenda, Wegovy, Zepbound, Contrave, Qsymia and other appropriate medications as needed.

Behavior Change

At each appointment we will help you make changes to be successful.  From emotional eating to meal prep, food logging to eating out at restaurants, the habits you create are a big part of the process.  We also offer virtual group appointments to focus in on these changes.

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GLP Strong

For those new or returning to strength training, check out GLP Strong - the FIRST strength training program for patients on weight loss meds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight do I need to lose?

From a medical standpoint, a 5-10% weight loss often has the most impact on your health.  We recognize people feel their health is optimal at a variety of different weights.  Often focusing more on how you feel, what your blood sugar is, what your blood pressure is, or your relationship with food is more important than what the scale says.  Some of our patients don’t even look at the scale, depending on their goals.

How much does it cost?

Most visits are covered by insurance.  Co-pays and deductibles apply to most visits.  We accept most insurance including Medicaid.  We are NOT accepting Medicare.  We do also accept cash pay patients.

How often do I need to be seen?

After your initial consult, we will see you two weeks later to start your plan.  After that, we will see you monthly. We have discovered that regardless of what plan we help you pick the biggest predictor of success is sticking with the monthly follow up.

Some patients will need to be seen more often.  Once you are in maintenance, we recommend being seen every 12 weeks.  It is often harder to keep weight off than to lose it, and following long term is key.

We also offer telehealth, and have used telehealth in our practice since 2017. We can treat patients from anywhere in the state of Colorado by telehealth. Many patients chose a mixture of in person and telehealth appointments to achieve their weight goals.

What is a InBody / body composition scan?

At our clinic, we offer a non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology called the InBody. Unlike traditional scales that only measure weight, the InBody scan offers detailed insights into your muscle mass, body fat percentage, water levels, and more.

The scan helps find your baseline so you can know what you need to lose, gain, or maintain along with support to set realistic goals, monitor progress, and stay motivated along the way.

How long does it take to lose weight?

Most patients experience their largest weight loss in the first 1-3 months and continue to lose weight for 6-12 months.

What about exercise?

Exercise is very, very good for your health.  It protects your heart, bones, and mood.   Exercise helps you keep weight off once you lose it.  Exercise does not help most people lose weight. BUT it does help you keep from regaining weight.  All forms of exercise have benefits and we will help support you in an exercise plan to help your health and help you maintain weight.

Is this a hormone problem?

We will do appropriate labs at your first appointment.  We find most of our patients do have a hormone problem- just not the one they were thinking of!  Insulin resistance is the most common issue our patients struggle with and we will teach you all about how to treat it with both lifestyle and medications.

Who will I see?

Many places may say they are medical weight loss, but you may never even meet a physician. Colorado Weight Care was created by and is run by Dr. Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD, FOMA, diplomat of the Board of Obesity Medicine and Fellow of the Obesity Medicine Association.

Your Care Team

Dr. Carolynn Francavilla Brown, MD, FOMA

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

"My passion is keeping people healthy using lifestyle changes like food and exercise, but also medications when they can be helpful.  I treat weight like any other medical condition, without judgement, and use the best available science to help my patients.”

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Dr. Kelsey Sherman, MD

“I provide an individualized approach to wellness that cares for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit.  I strive to make patients feel heard and provide judgement-free care.”

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Danielle Marston, FNP

“I am passionate about weight management as a way to promote health using safe, sustainable, and individualized treatment options. I enjoy taking care of patients who have previously undergone weight loss surgery, and I have a special interest in patients desiring pre-pregnancy or postpartum weight loss.”

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We Are Currently Accepting New Patients!

Referring Physicians

If you would like to refer a patient for obesity care, please fax any information to 303-566-7172.  Thank you for trusting us with the care of your patients!

Bariatric Surgery Preparation

We happily help patients meet insurance requirements for bariatric surgery as well as prepare them for success after!

Consults for Remote Patients

We are happy to offer an initial consult for Colorado patients by telehealth that outlines treatment options for your patients and then send them back to your for follow up and management.  This is a great option for those in more remote areas of Colorado!

Feel free to contact our office for more information or have your patient to schedule a “Telehealth Weight Plan Appointment”.  We will ask that you draw specific fasting labs prior to this appointment.

Our plan will outline:

  • Underlying medical causes of weight and how to mitigate
  • Reasonable medication options and why
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Priority behavior changes


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